Wireless Utilities

31,780 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 25, 2019 Game Version: Forge

Wireless Utilities is a mod about moving things about without wires. There are machines for transferring RF, fluids, and items.

Requires CoFH Core.



Directional Charger

Directional Chargers


It charges things in a direction! By default it only charges a single block in front of it, but you can upgrade it to target multiple blocks. The height, width, and length of the working area can be configured separately.


Positional Charger

Positional Charger


Transmit energy to specific locations using Positional Cards! With the right upgrade, it can even send power across dimensions. Each Positional Charger can charge up to nine locations.



A Directional Condenser transferring lava to another tank.


Condensers are machines that transfer fluids from one place to another! Like Chargers and all other machines, they come in Directional and Positional variations. Condensers can also place fluids in the world or suck them up, if given the right augment.




Desublimators are machines to transfer items. They're available, like all machines, in Directional and Positional variants. Higher tiers can transfer items more quickly, and they can be upgraded to have up to eighteen slots. It's also possible to lock slots in their buffer to only accept certain kinds of items.





Vaporizers are machines that do things to entities. Vaporizers, be they Directional or Positional, use special Modules to customize how they behave. There are modules for capturing living things, spawning clones of them, killing them, teleporting entities, or launching them. Vaporizer Modules are highly configurable, letting you target precisely what you want to target. They also let you control how frequently they run, just like all our other machines that interact with the world directly.



Our Slaughter Module can helpfully void experience and drops that it can't store, rather than leaving them in the world to build up and cause lag issues.


Refined Storage


Connect your Refined Storage network, wirelessly! Available in Positional and Directional variants. These machines use the Refined Storage network for power and do not require an extra source of energy.


Applied Energistics


Connect your Applied Energistics network, wirelessly! Available in Positional and Directional variants. These machines use the Applied Energistics network for power and do not require an extra source of energy.




Fluxed Pearl

The Various Pearls


Adding redstone to an Ender Pearl seems to give the pearl influence over redstone flux, while distorting its powers of teleportation.


These pearls are at the heart of the mod. Fluxed Pearls are used for crafting many different items. Though, if you want to use one for a charger, they might require a bit more kick...


Fluxed Pearl, Struck by Lightning




We fully expect users to use JEI or similar mods to discover recipes for items from the mod.



Wireless Utilities is designed to be highly configurable for pack developers. We have CraftTweaker integration for adjusting machine capabilities, adding recipes for Charger crafting, adding recipes for Condenser crafting, and adjusting the behavior of thrown pearls. In addition, we make heavy use of configuration. As of release v1.9, we have over 400 different config values to let pack developers dial in the exact behavior they want.


CraftTweaker API


In-Depth Mod Showcase


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