WIRED: More Augs

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A Small Companion mod for Cyberware to add in new Augments and Cyberpunk styled features.


  • Augments
    • Cybernetic Brain - Increases XP collected from orbs, prevents Anvils from Breaking
    • Cybernetic Stomach - Allows you to eat Cyborg Food, Increases nutritional value of Food
    • Dynamic Ender RePositioning System - Negates fall damage using Internal Energy
    • Kinetic Dampener - Stops Incoming Projectiles at the cost of power
    • Thermo-Optical Camouflage - Hides the user when Sneaking
    • Nanofilament Lancets - Harvests Slimes. Will shrink a slime for a chance at a Drop without fighting it.
    • Alloyed Fist - Increases Unarmed Mining Speed and Harvest Level more than the Reinforced Fist
    • Ender Convergence Device - Teleports Items to the Player through an Ender Rift (Item Magnet)
  • Items
    • Cyborg Food
      • Charge Power Bar - Found in chests, Craftable
      • Silver Gorgon Energy Drink - Found in Chests
    • Tech-Visor - Drops off of Zombies, random color, Dyeable. 
      • Can be crafted with either a Low-Light Vision, Hudjack, or Targeting Overlay module for additional effects
    • Batons - Quick Melee Weapons. Less Damage than Swords but faster. 
  • Monsters
    • Cyberskeleton
      • The Skeletal Cousin of the Cyberzombie
      • Drops augments
      • Cybereye Glows in the Dark. You are not safe.
    • Grey Goo
      • Does not naturally spawn.
        • The Flesh my die, but the science lives on
      • Drops Slime Balls and Components
  • Cross-Mod
    • The One Probe
      • Option to enable the Hudjack, Hudlens, and Tech-Visor to act as a Probe when installed. Sneak with an Empty Hand for the detailed view
    • Industrial Craft
      • Electrical Cyberware Charge - Lets you charge up using EU. LV Machine
      • Nanofilament Lancets - Aids in the harvesting of Sticky Resin without a tree tap.


Thanks to SeriousCreeper for the Brain!


WIRED: More Augs is free to use in any modpack, I only ask that any bugs or issues with my augments or items be reported here.


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