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Wini - What I Need Is


A small collection of blocks and items, in other words my random things mod.

Minecraft Forum thread


I couldn't think of a good name so I went with the ProfMobius school of naming ;)
And look at the quality of that mod icon.
Doesn't that scream of a mod developer that cannot draw.
Can you imagine what the texturing in the mod looks like!


This mod requires CoFHLib (or CoFHCore which provides CoFHLib)


This mod contains the following "exciting" additions.


Block Sceptre

* Place blocks in the air!


Last Compass

* Find spawn or the nearest stronghold.


Torch Pouch
*Carry 5 stacks of torches around with you (Vanilla or Tinkers)
* You can place the torches using the pouch


Bag With A Hole
* Holds one of each item you dont want to pickup
* Any matching item picked up falls away into the void
* Comes in two handy sizes


* I HATE having sand/gravel falling when digging
* The compactor changes a 9x9x2 area of sand/gravel into a compacted form
* You can then tunnel through the compacted blocks without things falling on you!


Hysteresis (Inventory/RF/Fluid)
* Redstone signal on when the trigger value is met
* Redstone signal off when the reset value is met


Redstone StepDown
* Takes a redstone input and outputs a reduced redstone value
* eg. Input redstone of strength 15, but output only redstone strength 2
* Set a redstone output value by clicking with a stack of redstone
* Output is capped at the input value, so you cannot use this to step up the strength :)


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