[Let's Do] Beachparty

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Get your suncream out, we're going to the beach! 



  • Enjoy the overhauled beach biome - Palm trees, sea stars, sandwaves and dried bushes provide a much more beautiful beach.
  • A new type of wood: Palm wood
  • Lots of decorative blocks that fit well into the whole beach theme: Deck-, beach- and lounge-chairs, a hammock, and of course a tiki bar!
  • Craft ice cream, popsicles, and cocktails.
  • A pelican! A new animal you can find in beach and river biomes.
  • Do you enjoy music? Then you have to check out the new radio!
  • New armor items: Swimming trunks, a bikini, rubber rings, sunglasses, and even a pool noodle you can use as a weapon - nearly harmless, of course. Dyeable of course!
  • Villagers do like the overhauled beach too! They will wear appropriate clothing while hanging out at the beach.






Getting started:

Beach party won't affect any already created chunks. But it's going to overhaul all newly loaded beach biomes.


How do I craft cocktails?

Cocktails can be crafted by using a Tiki-Bar. There are 6 different cocktails (of course non-alcoholic) with different effects. There's an integrated recipe book that shows you all recipes available. You're also able to place down cocktails to decorate your world.


How do I craft ice cream?
Ice cream can be crafted by using a Mini-Fridge. There are 4 different flavors available. The Mini-Fridge also has an integrated recipe book that shows you all recipes available. Oh, and due to its special method of production, it's never going to melt!


How do I craft the radio?
While it sounds easy to craft a radio in the first place, you'll have to do a small treasure hunt first. You'll need a special ingredient you can only find in buried treasures, shipwrecks, ocean monuments, and other treasures. From time to time, a message in a bottle will be washed up at beach biomes - open it and get a treasure map that leads you to one of the above-stated treasures.


We're at the beach... Can I build sandcastles?
Of course, you can! Craft a Sand Bucket, fill it with sand, and start building. You can decide how big it's going to be, how many towers it has, and where they should be.


How do I craft the Axolotl and/or Pelican rubber ring?
They can be found as a rare loot in treasure chests.


Wheat will dry in warm biomes. Use dried wheat to build a nice beach-themed home!


Oh, I've found a coconut! I've tried a crafting table, smoker... There's no way to open it! Bug?!?!
Just throw it against a solid object, and it will pop open. Just like a snowball!


Upcoming changes, fixes and improvements: 
- Deck Chair and Towel being usable for a nap 

- Beach Chair is a bit to small - we need to make it bigger!





I hope that's gonna cover most Questions. If you have any other Questions, Suggestions or experienced Bugs feel free to ask in our Discord linked below. :)


I wish you lots of fun with this small little Mod! xx




1.19.2 and above requires Architectury 

Architectury Download 


Requires the Let's Do API: 
API Download


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Dedicated to MissLilitu