Wilder World

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Making Minecraft's world even wilder!

 [This is a fabric mod and requires Creo Lib and Fabric API]


Current Content

Flower Forest Biome :

  • Various new flowers generate in the flower forest (chamomile, shelfshroom, raging violet and bird of paradise). Why not try brewing a few new potions with some of these?
  • Glowbrush - A glowing plants which spawns golden particles - When a player interacts with it or brushes past it, it will disperse seeds which will plant new glowbrush plants wherever they land.
  • Aspen and Wisteria Trees - Aspen trees are large, trees, which resemble tall birches, and are overgrown with mushrooms and embellished with golden aspen leaves. They come in small and large variants. Wisteria Trees are flowering trees with very long, droopy blossoms and trunks which are overgrown with vines and often populated by bees 
  • Butterflies - ambient, flying entities. Can be bred by feeding the butterfly 16 sugar. This produces larvae which will fall and eventually hatch into new butterflies. Baby butterflies drop butterfly wings when they grown up.
  • Butterfly Wing Membrane - A decorative storage block for butterfly wings.
  • 3 new potions - Shelf Sense, Rage and Glowing. Gain the power to climb any block with the Shelf Sense effect, gain an advantage in combat with the Rage potion or glow with the Glowing potion. 

Snowy Plains Biome :

  • Mint - An extinct plant which only remains frozen in packed ice.
  • Ice Cream - comes in 3 flavours currently (chocolate, mint, sweetberry), each with its own effect. Can be placed in layers like snow and picked back up with a bowl. Layers can be eaten by sneaking and right-clicking on them.
  • Chocolate Ice Cream - Grants the Spelunking effect, which makes ores emit sparkles that allow the player to find nearby ores that they might have missed without the effect. Sparkles go further the higher the effect amplifier is.
  • Mint Ice Cream - Upgrades all of the player's effects by one level
  • Sweetberry Ice Cream - Heals the player
  • Ebony bushes - Barren shrubs which are one of the only plants able to survive in the cold. Drops ebony branches.
  • Doods - WIP entity - Can be fed items and blocks to craft other ones -
  • Current recipes : Packed Ice -> Mint, Marshmallow Travertine -> Pearl Stone, Pearl Stone -> Chiseled Pearl Stone, Chiseled Pearl Stone -> Pearl Stone Tiles
  • Tambura (Very WIP instrument item)