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Wildberries is a small mod that adds some new berries you can find around the world.


Included berries:

- Blueberries: Can be found in Taiga and Dark Forests

- Raspberry: Can be found in Birch Forests and Forests

- Blackberry: Can be found in Dark Forests and Forests

- Cranberries: Can be found in Swamps


All added berries and sweet berries have new food items made from them.



Food items:

- Berries (They work like Sweet Berries, you can eat them or plant them to grow another berry bush)

- Jams (Currently they are an alternative for honey bottles)

- Jam Sandwiches (Can remove poison like jams, but cannot be eaten when the players hunger bar is full)

- Muffins (Can be eaten like any other food or can be placed as decoration with sneaking and right clicking on a block. You can still eat it when placed like a cake, except it only takes one bite. You also get back the paper you used for the crafting, because paper doesn't taste that great)

- Berry Pies (Can be placed, like cakes and eaten in 4 bites or can be crafted into 4 slices to eat it like any other food item)


Unlike cakes you can get Muffins and Berry Pies back after breaking them. If you've already eaten from the pie you'll get back the remaining slices.


There are also 3 new advancements focused on the berries


Currently Translated to:

- Ukrainian (by templar65312 (YouTube: Тамплієр)

- Russian (by zistrafe_)

- Hungarian



Plans for the future:

- Keeping the mod up to date

- Adding some more berries

- Adding more unique effects to each different berry jams

- Translating the mod to other languages (If you'd like to help me translate the mod to a language not yet included, just send me a private message)


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