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Wild Berries

❓ What's The Mod About? ❓


Wild Berries is a small mod that currently adds a few new berries you can find around the world as well as other food items related to berries, such as jams, pies and muffins. Yes this includes Sweet Berries too.


🌳 Wild Berries and Where to Find Them 🌳


  • Blueberries: Can be found in Taiga and Dark Forests
  • Raspberry: Can be found in Birch Forests and Forests
  • Blackberry: Can be found in Dark Forests and Forests
  • Cranberries: Can be found in Swamps



🍴 Don't Forget to Taste All the Food! 🍴


  • Berries: They are pretty much like Sweet Berries, you can eat them or plant them to grow another berry bush and get INFINITE BERRY POWER!!! Meaning you'll get a few more berries to do whatever you want to do with them.
  • Jams: Tasty bottles of jam can be made from all the berries that shorten the duration of a negative effect. They also take a bit longer to consume but you can eat them even when you're full.
  • Jam Sandwiches: Good for a quick breakfast and they also shorten the duration of a negative effect just like jams except they only reduce it by half of what a bottle of jam reduces and they cannot be eaten when you're full.
  • Muffins: They look good and taste even better! Can be eaten from hand or placed somewhere. However if you want to place them you'll have to crouch down first, after all you wouldn't want to accidentally drop something this tasty on the floor would you? Oh and you'll also get the paper back you used for the wrapping of it, because... you know... paper doesn't taste that great.
  • Berry Pies: They are just like a cake except they are pies! Isn't that crazy? If that didn't convince you, due to pies being superior you can easily cut them into slices as well as pick them up if you've accidentally dropped one on the floor. Be careful though when picking one up after you've eaten from it beacause it will most likely fall apart into the amount of slices you've left there.


🍯 Feeling a Bit Sick? Just Eat some Jam! 🍯


Consuming Jam or Jam Sandwiches reduces the duration of some negative effects.

  • Sweet Berry: Reduces weakness by 40 seconds
  • Glow Berry: Reduces Darkness by 6 seconds
  • Blueberry: Reduces slowness by 40 seconds
  • Raspberry: Reduces hunger by 20 seconds
  • Blackberry: Reduces wither by 6 seconds
  • Cranberry: Reduces levitation by 6 seconds

Sandwiches only reduce the duration by half of what the jams reduce.


🌟 Feel Accomplished 🌟


If the sweet taste of berries isn't enough for you, you can also get a few new advancements while feasting on these new tasty food items.


👁 A Few Reviews 👁


If you want to see the mod in game or just didn't want to read all that above be sure to check out these reviews of the mod.

  • Review by Dragon North (video is in Ukrainian, also the same person who translated the mod to Ukrainian)

  •  Review by Temtatork (video is in Spanish)


👄 Translations 👄


This mod is currently translated to:

  • Ukrainian (by templar65312)
  • Russian (by zistrafe_)
  • Hungarian
  • German (by Haraldo21YT)


💭 Plans for the Future 💭


  • Trying to keep the mod somewhat up to date
  • Translating the mod to other languages (if you're interested in helping me with this please either send me a message or write a comment below)
  • Maybe adding some more berries