Stonier Stones

979 Downloads Last Updated: May 26, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +1

This mod adds variants like "polished", "bricks", "chiseled", "pillar" and "smooth" to stone-like blocks that didn't have these, with most of them having slab, stairs and the bricks wall variants.


List of stone-like blocks affected by the mod:

- Stone

- Granite

- Diorite

- Andesite

- Sandstone

- Red Sandstone

- Blackstone

- Basalt

- End Stone

- Deepslate

- Nether Bricks (only chiseled variant for Red Nether Bricks and a new blue type of Nether Bricks with its chiseled variant)


Crafting recipes:

- Polished: 4 of the default blocks in a square

- Brick: 4 of the polished blocks in a square

- Chiseled: 2 polished slabs above each other

- Pillar: 2 polished blocks above each other

- Smooth: smelt the default block

(this changed some of the already existing recipes)


Another added feature:

- Warped Wart: only used for crafting Blue Nether Bricks and Warped Wart Block. Can be crafted fom a Nether Wart and Warped Roots


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