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Weapon Throw

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About It

This mod adds the ability to throw your axes and swords. Useful if you want to finish a mob or just want to have some fun.


Same project but for Fabric:


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  • Throw Enchantment: Increase throwing damage.
  • Grounded Edge Enchantment: Chance to Apply weakness to near enemies on landing.
  • Conccusion Enchantment: Chance to Apply Nausea and Slowness.
  • Gravity Cursed Enchantment: Your weapon defies gravity. It will never fall until touch a block.
  • Return Enchantment: Loyalty for common weapons.



  • Using Fire Aspect on weapons lit near enemies.
  • Throwing Physics: Well, its not so advanced.
  • Configurable!: Can modify general aspects like hud charge displacement, damage, range and disable enchantments.
  • Whitelist: Any item whitelisted will recieve a default damage and throwing range.
  • Blacklist: Any block blacklisted cannot be destroyed.
  • Tools can interact at impact, so pickaxes, shovels and axes breaks blocks based on their tier.
  • Project MMO Integration: Level based throwing experience above Forge 1.16.4
  • Tetra Integration: Can be applied to Tetra Weapons


Experimental Features

Most of this features are on the works or are just for curious people. As any of these can be disabled on config.

  • All items can be throwed, as bonus each item will have special properties at throwing (Should be enabled above 2.7)


Use Method

Use Throw KeyBind (R by default)  to launch your axes and swords!

Holding KeyBind adds more power at cost of exhaustion.


Damage Calculation

 For those would like to tweak the numbers by throwing weapons.

Equations used for damage calculation.


Base Damage=Flat Weapon Damage

Base Velocity=Weapon Attack Speed

Base Exhaustion=1/(Weapon Attack Speed)

0 (No charge)≤ModularThrow≤1,0 (Fully charge)

0≤Stack Size≤64 

Tool Modifier=Depends if it is an Sword, Pickaxe, Shovels, Hoes, Axes


The model for total damage and exhaustion is

Total Damage=( BaseDamage*(BaseDamageMultiplier+ModularThrow*ModifiedDamageMultiplier)+StackSize*StackModifier ) * Tool Modifier

Total Exhaustion=( BaseExhaustion*(BaseExhaustionMultiplier+ModularThrow*ModifiedExhaustionMultiplier)+StackSize*StackModifier ) * Tool Modifier


The model for total velocity

Total Velocity= ( BaseVelocity*(BaseVelocityMultiplier+ModularThrow*ModifiedVelocityMultiplier)-StackSize*StackModifier ) * Tool Modifier


Example of an Diamond Sword (Using default modifiers (5.1) and fully charged)

Base Damage = 6 Damage Points (3 Hearts)

Base Velocity = 1.6 Full Attacks/Second

Base Exhaustion = 0.63 Exhaustion Points (0.16 Half Drumsticks)

(Half Drumsticks Loss = Exhaustion Points/4)

Stack Size = 1

Tool Modifier = 1.0


Total Damage=( 6*(0.25+1.0*0.5)+1*0) * 1 = 4.5 Damage Points (2.3 Hearts)

Total Exhaustion=( 0.63*(0.075+1.0*2.0)+1*0.01) * 1 = 1.31 Exhaustion Points (0.33 Half Drumsticks)

Total Velocity= ( 1.6*(0.25+1.0*0.4)-1*0.005) * 1 = 1.04 Blocks/Tick





Community Contributions

Simplified Chinese Translations by qsefthuopq