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Filename Waystones_1.16.5-7.6.2.jar
Uploaded by BlayTheNinth
Uploaded Jun 1, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5  
Size 366.81 KB
Downloads 3,718,148
MD5 48db63998d30c334b6030b9feae0be8d
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


Fixed crash when right-clicking a Portstone in multiplayer
Fixed crash when trying to break Portstone in survival


Added Portstone, a block that lets you teleport to activated waystones but can not be teleported to itself (by PssbleTrngle)


Fixed Attuned Shards always showing as unattuned when in multiplayer
Fixed crash when name generation mode is set to "MIXED"
Fixed waystones spawning on top of lava in the Nether
Fixed dimensionalWarpDenyList not affecting warps FROM the denied dimension
Fixed worldGenDimensionDenyList missing from config
Fixed default position of teleport button in creative inventory (options have been renamed to account for new defaults)
Fixed sharestone names being "invalid" in Current Location and Waila/TOP when in multiplayer
Fixed display of waystone name in Waila/TOP if waystone is not yet activated
Fixed villages not spawning in villages if only forceSpawnInVillages was enabled (without spawnInVillages enabled)


Updated Taiwanese Translation (by HJ-zhtw)