Waystone Towers

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This mod adds adds tall towers into Minecraft, inspired by Towers Of The Wild, which was inspired by The Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of The Wild. If you are wondering where the mod logo was created, I used the help of NightCafe Creator's AI which you can use as well for free!

This is a Forge & Fabric Mod


Due to Towers of the Wild only being available as a datapack and some people preferring mod over datapack, I decided to create my own mod that can provide a tower with a waystone on top. Feel free to use this in all your modpacks!

Report bugs here.

All updates on my Twitter. Come say hi!


This is a mod which adds vanilla friendly towers (currently only four variants) in the game which can spawn randomly throughout the surface.
There are certain variants that spawn in their respectable biome and each one has some loot at the top of the tower.
It can also contain a waystone at the top if you add the waystones mod for forge and the fabric waystones mod or the waystones (Fabric Edition) mod for fabric.
It is also should be compatible with any other structure mod. Make sure to leave a comment if it isn't so I can try and fix it!

How to access the waystone (Fabric Edition) mod version:


Normal Variant

Spawns in oak, dark oak, acacia, and birch biomes

Sandy Variant

Spawns in desert biomes

Mossy Variant

Spawns in spruce and jungle biomes

Snowy Variant

Spawns in all cold surface related biomes (snowy plains, ice spikes, etc.) except snowy beach and frozen peaks


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