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Note : I am Korean, and I'm not good at English. If you find an incorrect translation, please comment.


Swimming zombies? weird!

Swimming skeletons? no more!

Wanna make boats or bridges essential? then this is the mod for you!

This mod sinks all living entities-players, mobs, animals...you know it's not that easy to swim!(Of course underwater creatures do not sink.)



 - sinks living entities : entities won't be able to float 2 blocks inside water(slightly more than 1

 - "Icecrack" system : when 'living entities without riding boats' are on ice, the ice will break.

 - adds a new type of boat : the "awesome boat"s : more durable in taking falling damage, can move on earth(but slow), can move freely through slopes



 - whether to sink players or not

 - whether to sink non-player-entities or not

 - Icecrack for players

 - Icecrack for non-player-entites

 - crafting recipe for "awesome boat"


requires TTMP Core.


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