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 This mod adds bunch of Hearthstones and Taverns. You can use Hearthstone to travel any Tavern you visited at least once.


First, you need some Aquamarines. You can mine Aquamarines in underground. Getting first one is not the easiest thing, but you need just two Aquamarines to get your first Hearthstone and Tavern. Or you can just use Aquamarine from other mods.



You can craft Hearthstone with 1 Deep Blue(Aquamarine Dust + Diamond Dust + Lapis Lazuli Dust), and 6 Igneous Rocks(Granite/Diorite/Andesite). Note that Hearthstone is NOT storing any information about visited Taverns, so you don't need Hearthstones more than one.



The Tavern is crafted with 1 Aquamarine Block, 1 Wood Log, and 7 Taverncloths. Taverncloths uses plenty of red dyes, so you might want to grow some beetroots.


SHIFT + Right click while holding Hearthstone and select the Tavern you would like to go, and hold the Hearthstone until you teleport right in front of Tavern block!

If you want to use other player's Tavern, right click the Tavern you want to use. You will be able to use that Tavern as well.


You can add/modify name of the Tavern in GUI. Use SHIFT + Right click at the Tavern and you will get the idea. You can swap the texture of the Tavern with other blocks to match the mood of your buildings.


Yep, That's it. There's not much to talk about.





Taverns and Hearthstones.






Hearthing Planks is cheaper and worse version of Hearthstone. It can teleport to only one specified 'home' Tavern (Can be set only in Tavern's GUI), and it breaks after certain amount of use. Shabby Tavern is also downgraded version of Tavern, and it can be only used with Hearthing Planks. That way, players are forced to use Hearthstone similar to /home in early game.




(Using this on normal Tavern will upgrade Tavern into Guild Tavern.)



Guild Tavern is upgraded version of the Tavern. Guild Tavern can be used even if you didn't visited the Tavern. Perfect for inviting people.


Quickcast Enchantment - Increases the speed using Hearthstone/Hearthing Planks drastically. ( I ~ IV )




 Hearthstone Configurations : 

   - Maximum usage, can be disabled if you want the Hearthstones to be infinitely used.

   - Cooldown in seconds.

 Aquamarine Worldgen Configurations:

   - Enable worldgen flag (true/false)

   - Ore size

   - Number of clutches in single chunk

   - Min/Max Y Position

 Other Options:

   - Easy Mode: Reverts recipe of Hearthstone and Tavern to legacy one (shown below). Disables the recipe of Shabby Tavern and Hearthing Planks. Guild Taverns will be still available.







 [1.14 Updates - New Hearthstones]


Hearthing Gem is new type of Hearthstone. It works similar to regular Hearthstone, but has longer cooldown.

Hearthing Gem can be used just like Hearthstone, except for distant ones. If traveling distance is too far(500 blocks by default), or travelling across dimensions, Hearthing Gem will be destroyed after traveling.


This item was designed for players who joined server late and wants to join other players far away. You can mine some aquamarines, craft Hearthing Gem, and sacrifice it for traveling to Guild Tavern.


Companion's Hearthstone is another type of Hearthstone.

Have you ever rid on a wooden boat venturing towards unknown landscapes, discover countless creatures, and finally got back home using good ol' Hearthstone(TM) with all the horses, llamas, pigs, cows and bunch of other animals, and no single animal were came home together? Even the boat you were riding is now gone. It's because Hearthstone is for player and player only, and it doesn't transfers other entities. But Companion's Hearthstone, that is a different story.


Companion's Hearthstone is "upgraded" version of Hearthstone. It behaves similar to regular Hearthstone. But in addition to hearthing, Companion's Hearthstone transfers nearby creatures with given property:

 - Animals tamed by you (Wolf, Cat, Horse, etc.)

 - Animals you leashed

 - Players with Companion's Stone in either of their hands. (See below)

 - Vehicles any of previous creatures are riding (Including you)

 - Passengers riding any of previous creatures


But for the expense of above merit, it has longest cooldown among entire hearthstones.


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