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A Botania Addon that doesn't relate to botania too much.

If you are pursuing the original taste of botania, the mod doesn't suit you because those features may ruin the design of botania from your perspective.

Notice: Most features are configurable. 


Screenshots are available in the Images tab

How To Get Started

There is a new type of knowledge. Hold a lexica and right click a livingrock pedestal with a spirit fuel to unlock.


 New Tools

  • Garden of King's Law - Another version, but spawn flowers instead
  • new relics
  • 4 new sets of Armor
  • Ring of Mana Control: Supplying mana to functional flowers near you

New Generating Flowers

  • Tinkle Flower - Generate mana when player moves around
  • Bell Flower - Use wind power to create mana
  • Stonesia - Generate mana by consuming stones, cobblestones and ores
  • Omniviolet - Produce mana by consuming books
  • BloodyEnchantress - Produce mana by consuming life points
  • Reikar Lily - Produce mana when a lightning bolt hits around
  • Gemini Orchid - Passive Thermorelectric flower

New Functional Flowers

  • Annoying Flower - Use mana to fish automatically
  • Manalinkium - Transfer mana wirelessly
  • Stardust Lotus - Teleport creatures and players to the specific place
  • Enchanted Orchid - Transform grass block to enchanted soil at a high cost
  • Mirrortunia - Reflect damage nearby player taken, and clear most bad potion effects
  • Necrofleur - Giving high damage to creatures whose health are lower than 50%

Crafttweaker Support

  1. Install Crafttweaker and MTLib
  2. mods.extrabotany.Pedestal.add(output, input);
  3. mods.extrabotany.Pedestal.remove(output, input);
  4. mods.extrabotany.Stonesia.add(burntime, input);
  5. mods.extrabotany.Omniviolet.add(burntime, input);

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CatServer is a new Bukkit+Forge server for Minecraft 1.12.2, allowing you to bring the strength of plugins to modded minecraft.
It has good compatibility with mods and plugins.
Download: https://github.com/CatServer/CatServer/archive/master.zip