Water Resources

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How does it work?
The mod is based on giving purpose to the land in Minecraft. From the dirt it is possible (with a little luck) to extract gold useful for crafting.

Water Cooling
The first machine is Water Cooling, thanks to it, it's possible to bring water at a temperature very close to 0°C.
The cold water is used to produce extremely pure distilled water.

Industrial Distillator
This machine is used to produce distilled water. Through a cooling plate that must be placed over the machinery, a thermal shock is created between the water heated by the machinery and the cold temperature of the cooling plate.
Once the process is complete we would have perfectly pure water useful for the next machines.

This machine is responsible for extracting the small fragments of gold from the dirt.
This machine requires distilled water to function.
The mod also introduces the goldfield ore (a land rich in gold).
The use of goldfield ore is highly recommended, in fact we would be more likely to get gold fragments.

Washing Machine
It is used to process the output of the extractor, cleaning it very deeply.
This machine also requires distilled water to function.

It is the latest machine, simply transforming the Washing Machine product into gold dust.


All machines can be configured via configuration files.

This mod requires the Thermal Foundation and Thermal Expansion.
Feel free to use this mod in your modpack.



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