The Wars Mod

56,767 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 15, 2016 Game Version: 1.6.4  

I am no longer maintaining this mod. If anyone would like to continue it, let me know.


The wars mod was started by me late August last year and has grown into an incredible popular and feature extensive mod. Recently reaching over 200,000 downloads.


More than 80 unique blocks that create Instant structures far beyond any mod you have seen before. A well balanced and varied class system with 9 unique classes that are perfect for undestructive but incredibly fun pvp gameplay.

Guard- no down sides but no specials. The "normal" guy

Knight- super strong sword but slow and causes confusion for enemies when hit

Archer-has a powerful bow and unlimited spectral arrows

Healer- hit people on your team to heal them

Scout- super fast and causes enemies blindness when hit but weak.

Tech- hit anyone with your spanner and they can't hurt anything for 10 seconds. They also have a special type of TNT that doesn't damage terrain

Chaos warrior- only donators can use this. Fires wither skulls from his sword but is slightly slower

Ender Knight- only donators can use this. Able to teleport by right clicking his sword

Ninja- only donators can use this. Able to move and attack quickly

More features:

Hunger games creator, auto resetting and chests with randomly generated items. Tons of teleporters. Admin wands to help with world shaping and map editing. A 24/7 official server with tons of players, constant war, and crazy awesomeness. Come kill us, the mod creators :D(The official server isn't up at the moment, it will be added to the server list when it is) City creators including road creator, wall creators and instant roadside lamps. Amazing new foods that allow for saviour in the heat of battle. Every class can use every food although some are better suited to certain classes. You'll have to try them to discover their secret effects. 4 epic teams to choose from. Everything you need to set up a incredible server in a matter of minutes. Massive killstreak system complete with powers and messages.

Once installed; this mod will implement a great many features into your game and worlds; such as naturally spawning, arenas and a very unique class system. When implementing features such as Arena’s; the mod developer must be very careful, and considerate towards the thoughts of other players, including simple readers. When playing on singleplayer, of course; using an arena will be quite useless if there are no other competitors around to compete against. Said arenas include their own competitors, in which are the implemented mobs. These mobs, once in an arena; will try to kill you, or compete against you in whatever arena you have chosen to take part in. The Wars mod, implements all of the very popular, unique arenas into the game in which are known by most experienced minecraft players. The arenas are listed below:

6 PVP Arenas (Different map environments, sizes.) 6 Spleef Arenas. (this arena, consists of the competitors digging their way to victory) A Hunger Games arena (Survival Games). 2 New spawning Towers. 2 New buildings. 4 Unique Castles. Including much, much more!

The Wars mod also implements the new classes for the arenas, in which are also listed below this sentence:

Archer. Guard. Knight. Technician. Scout. Healer. Competing singularly with this mod installed is fun. However using this with a variety of friends, or other players you may know; the mod will soon enough become amazingly fun. This is why the mod developer has taken the extra time, and devotion into making the effort of making a SMP compatible version of the Wars mod, and released it to the public. The Wars mod, both SMP and SSP are basically the exact same, however once a player has installed it client side, and the server has the mod installed also; both players will be able to enjoy the mod thoroughly, and together.



Feel free to contact me if you would like to take over development of this mod.

If you have a bug or crash to report, please use the issue tracker. If it is anything else, here are other ways to contact me.




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