War On The Mobs (WOTM)

5,062 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 3, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2

All info on what this mod does, how to use it, current and planned features will be available soon on my Youtube Channel which holds the same name as this account. This is my first attempt at modding so any advice on how to improve it would be appreciated! I am open to any suggestions for any new features you would like to see in this mod! Please do read all of the info below so that you may properly work the mod (soon this will all be in video)! Remember, this mod is a work in progress, but I will be updating this mod often so be sure to come back here a lot or just follow and then you will be notified!



-Adds capturable Command Posts to the game 

-Captured Command Posts (Both Mob and Player owned) alter the terrain around it

-The terrain around a Player Captured Command Post disables mobs from spawning on the surface and lights up the area

-The terrain around a Mob Captured Command Posts allows the spawning of Scout Skeletons, Zombie Scavengers and Overworld Ghasts and spreads naturally throughout the world overtime

-Mobs invade a Command Post every 2 full Minecraft Days worth of time has passed (A notice is issued in chat on what Command Post is being targeted 8 Minutes before invasion is launched, also how many days between invasions is now configurable as of version 1.5)

-Adds Retaliation parties that occur when a Player captures too many Command Posts within the period of time between invasions (Configurable amount to surpass before Retaliation Party occurs)

-Retaliation Parties is a surprise attack on a selected Command Post

-A Player HQ and a Mob HQ

-Adds custom entities that are much stronger than regular mobs

-Allows the ability for players to craft Command Posts in survival (Configurable)

-Adds Event Blocks (Cause a selectedevent when a vulnerable player comes within its proximity)

-Adds Defence Forces that spawn on Mob owned Command Posts which are triggered when a vulnerable player (A player that is not in creative) is nearby (Defence Forces amounts are configurable)

-Scout Skeletons currently call in more forces when they hit you (Replicates you being spotted by a scout when in enemy territory, the amount of forces is configurable)!

-Boss battle begins if a vulnerable Player comes within radius of Mob HQ

-Craftable Defenses (Currently only Land Mines and Barbed Wire are implemented)

-Built-in Chunk Loading mechanic

-Adds naturally generating Command Posts and Mob HQ as of version 2.0

-Mob Territory now spreads naturally as of version 2.0, this will consume your world if not dealt with properly!

-Regional Difficulty based difficulty curve system as of 2.0. As the Regional Difficulty increases, so do the amount of mobs that are spawned!

-And More!


A note on how to use Purfication Totems:

-Purification totems slowly capture the blocks around it in a 6 block radius. To speed up the process, stack the totems up to 3 high to hasten the rate at which it captures the land around it! They exist as of version 2.0.


Things to Note:

-Built-in Chunk Loading is now operational as of version 1.4.5

-Natural Generation of Command Posts and Mob HQ now functional as of Version 2.0

-Much of the mod's features are configurable

- The terrain alteration is limited to only 15 blocks above and below the Command Post and in a 48 block radius, this is to prevent crashing from a server tick loop exception (This can now be changed)

-An invasion is consider over when either the player or the Zombie Captain(s) are slain!

-My custom Mobs do not despawn, just to add to the fun! No running away and hoping for them to despawn for you!


How to use as of Version 2.0;

-Find a place to live

-Craft your Player HQ and place it within or outside your base

-Expand your territory by either crafting Purification Totems and placing them or by capturing Command Posts that spawn throughout the world

-Locate the Mob HQ and eventually take it down to prevent the Mob Territory from consuming the world

-That is all you really need to know, you play your way with this mod!

-Note: A good portion of the mod's functions are dependant on the Mob HQ, so until it generates in the world, a good portion of the features will not be active


How to Capture Command Posts:

-For neutral Command Posts, just break them with your fist about 10 times and then it will be captured

-For Mob Command Posts/HQ, you must move within the radius of the Command Posts/HQs and eliminate the defence force (most importantly, the Zombie Captains) in order to capture it

-To reclaim a Command Posts during an invasion/retaliation party, you must eliminate all of the Zombie Captains within the invasion force


Planned Features and Things I am working on:

-Improving textures

-Improve custom entities (I have a few things planned for this)

-Improve custom entity spawning mechanic for invasions

-Implement built-in Chunk Loading

-Updating to 1.8, 1.9, and 1.11

-A Custom Boss

-Add different types of Command Posts

-Craftable defense systems

-A Pre-built Map

-Players rewards for winning

-Difficulty curve system

-More events in the event block

-Possible Breaching Creepers/Skeleton Engineers

-Possibly custom model for the Purification Totem


Please note:

This mod can be pretty difficult depending on how you configure the mod, I suggest playing with a mod that adds guns or other weapons of some sort. Personally, I tested this mod with Flans mod and had a lot of fun with it. I also suggest ICBM, but only when all of the features are finally fixed.


Crafting Recipes:

Check Images :)




This commands resets your current retaliation counter back to zero

/wotmEnableChecker or /wotmEC

This enables the checker on your Mob HQ, if you enter this command and do not see

"Mob HQ is Updating" being spammed in chat, that means you either do not have a Mob HQ present or it is not being loaded. If your Mob HQ is not being loaded, tell me. This command exists as of version 1.4.5

/wotmDisableChecker or /wotmDC

This turns off the checker, you will need this. This command exists as of version 1.4.5


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