Mob Hives Mod

625 Downloads Last Updated: May 18, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

Welcome to my newest project! In short, this mod spawns 9 different types of hives around the Overworld. All Hives can be sorted into either the standard or the tiered category. All Hives, when approached, will spawn mobs to defend itself from you! However, the 2 categories of Hives differ greatly on many aspects. Here is a quick rundown!


Standard Hives:

-Only consist of one type of mob, which mob it consists of is indicated on it's sides

-Do not contain loot when cleared, other than the Dead Hive itself, which can be crafted into paper

-Automatically die out once it is triggered/when its forces are spawned

-Currently consist of Zombie, Spider, Skeleton and Creeper Hives

-These are designed to be more common than the Tiered Hives


Tiered Hives:

-Each consist of 3 types of mobs: Zombie, Skeletons and Spiders

-Have tiered difficulty (Blue being easiest, Red being most difficult, there are 5 tiers in total)

-Player must stay within 40 Blocks of the Hive and kill all of it's forces to kill the Hive!

-These Hives drop loot when killed, by means of a chest that is spawned on top of the Hive

-If you leave the 40 block radius of a Hive, the Hive will revert back to it's un-triggered state, and will spawn more mobs if you re-enter its boundaries! (Meaning, stay within 40 blocks of a Hive when you take it on or you will have to kill even more mobs than before!)

-The higher tier (more difficult) Hives spawn less than the easier tiers, for obvious reasons

-The higher the tier, the better the loot!

-Mobs from these type of Hives each have armor/special properties (ex: Skeletons have explosive arrows, however, this feature in particular is configurable)

-The number of mobs that are spawned by each tier are configurable, however, there must be at least one skeleton. The mod checks for skeletons to declare whether or not a Hive is cleared

-Tiered Hives are rarer than the standard Hives (most Tiered Hives have one chance per chunk to occur)


That is a quick rundown on the differences between the 2 categories of Hives. All Hives do spawn naturally in the world but can spawn in bunches by chance, so be careful where you tread! Also, please do note, all mobs the mod spawns do not despawn. This to add a residual threat to any area where an unsuccessful raid on a Hive has occurred, and more or less punish you for your failures. This mod is designed to be SMP compatible, but I have not tested it personally. Well that is all you need to know, enjoy my mod and give feedback/suggestions if you have any!




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