46,452 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 27, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4

What's this mod?


This mod is add WanderMaid

Sometimes she comes to visit you(like Wandering Trader)


What is different from WanderingTrader?


She trades with gold nugget rather than nasty emeralds and can trade food and rare items(It will also sell items for littlemaidmob)

but it ’s better not to attack by mistake. She is good at fighting




If littlemaidmob is compatible with 1.14, support littlemaidmob's item trade.



  • You can fork, modify, or use the code in your project.
  • You can redistribute this mod's unmodified package to modpack or multiplayer server.
  • You can use this MOD only for NonCommercial purposes.


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