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Wandering Trapper


Wandering Trapper
For Forge & Fabric


discord : https://discord.gg/H4nvbNF 


This mod adds a wandering trapper entity, various kinds of pelts, and a new villager profession to the game.

Buy animal pelts from the trapper, and resell them to the furrier villager for profit.


Wandering Trapper and its Dog

||About this mod||


   The wandering trapper traps all sorts of furry animals in the vast taigas and tundras of Minecraft. It spawns only in cold biomes.

Similar to the wandering trader, the wandering trapper spawns around you randomly, with a wolf as a companion.

He sells various pelts for emeralds, and also trades pelts in exchange with stuff like lanterns or clocks. 


Pelts in the mod : beaver, mink, marten, fox, snow fox, polar bear(placeable)

Fox pelt, Snow fox pelt and polar bear pelt can be dropped from their respective mobs.(There are snow foxes in Minecraft!)

However, the drop rate is low(gets better as you kill more).



 The villagers seem to have a high demand for these pelts. You can sell them to the furrier, who will give generous amounts of emeralds for the high quality pelts you've delivered. A master furrier buys mink pelts for more than 10 emeralds per pelt! The furrier's job block is a pelt scraping log, which is made from a shear and a spruce log. For the exact costs related, refer to the spread sheet in images. The fur trade will make you never worry about emeralds again. 

The furrier is wearing a felt hat.


 By default, the wandering trapper wields a bow. However with ewewukek's musket mod loaded, he will carry a musket! You can disable the musket recipes by a datapack, to make it so that you have to defeat the trapper to obtain a musket. You have to be very careful, because he will release his dogs and shoot.


You can use it in any modpack.




 ewewukek's musket mod is added to give the trapper a gun! 
 if you don't want guns, you can remove ewewukeke's musket mod, and the trapper will hold a bow instead.