ewewukek's Musket mod

53,743 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 7, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Simple mod that adds a craftable musket. Use RMB to both load and fire. Doesn't work under water

Look for recipes in Images tab


No additional dependencies required


Requires Fabric API

(Don't mind beta status, it's there merely to show both files on right panel)

For Wandering Trapper users

Please use 1.16.5-Forge-1.1.3

Newer versions currently incompatible with Wandering Trapper mod.


Stored in GAME_DIRECTORY/config/musketmod.txt

Configurable values are damage, bullet speed, maximum travel distance and accuracy. Supports /reload command

Reload duration is not configurable with current implementation. It may change in the future

As already mentioned on github page:

You may include this mod in any modpack, private or public, along with any modifications. (please notice if it's been modified)


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