Waila Events

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Waila Events

Waila Events is a Core Mod that adds several new events into the Waila Mod. This mod does not add in any new features for the average player, however it can be used by other mods to add new features that otherwise may not be available.

If you are planning to use this mod in your dev environment, please read the README on the GitHub page.


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  • WailaRenderEvent.Pre: This event is triggered before the Waila HUD is rendered. This event can be canceled to prevent the HUD from being drawn.
  • WailaRenderEvent.Post: This event is triggered after the Waila HUD is rendered. This event can not be canceled.


Q: I am an average player, why would I ever need this mod?

A: There will be several mods which require this mod to be installed, for them to function properly. You will need to download and install this mod for those to work. A list of mods that require this mod is being worked on. 


Q: I am a developer, how can I use this for my mod?

A: This mod adds in two new events. These events make use of the forge event bus and can be used in exactly the same way as traditional forge events. The proper way to use this "API" is to reference the classes as if they were part of your build path. To compile this mod, you will have to add some extra stuff to your build.gradle file to compile against a jar file.  


Q: Can I use this mod as part of a dependency loader?

A: If you would like to create a dependency loader to automatically download and install it, that is perfectly fine. Please make sure to download from the curse forge links. 


Q: Can this mod be used on servers? What about clients? How does this work?

A: This mod is a client-optional library, this means that you can install this mod on your server, and clients will not need it to connect. That being said, there is currently no benefit to installing this mod in your server. While you can install this mod on your server, the hooks are only handled on the client side of things. This may change in the future. 


Q: Can I use this in my modpack?

A: Yes, you can use this mod in your mod packs, as long as they are not being sold. You do not need advanced written permission from myself in order to use this mod in your modpack. Any messages asking for permission will be ignored. 



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