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Voxels now available for Forge 1.10!

Voxels 1.0.7 also available for Forge 1.7.10

(Fixes many compat issues, crash issues, conflicts)


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  • Ever thought to yourself… “Shouldn’t there be some kind of universal currency in Minecraft, so I can trade my hard-won items with NPCs for cash?”
  • Or… “What if Creepers were actually sapient beings, smarter than Players, and capable of incredible advancements, such as a working economy and thriving, vibrant villages?”
  • Or even … “What if Villagers didn’t trade crap and were actually fun?”
  • Or… Where are the sheep fountains that I was promised some time ago?

Well, then, Voxels is for you!

What is Voxels?

Voxels is primarily a trading modification to Minecraft, greatly improving the overall trading experience, and introducing a new in-game currency, Voxels. With Voxels installed, you will be able to trade items from vanilla or any other mod for Voxels. These Voxels can then be exchanged for items in the game, including hard-to-find resources, special armor or weapons, or even items from other mods.


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How do I get these Voxels?

There are two ways to get Voxels:

  • Kill monsters (who can occasionally drop Voxels)
  • Trade resources and items away for Voxels 

But wait, who do I trade with?

Why, intelligent Creepers, of course. Didn’t I mention that? To be clear, the Creepers who live in Creeper Villages scattered all around the Overworld in Plains, Deserts, Savannas, and Oceans. Within these villages, you will find several different types of Creepers who happily buy and sell different items.

Are you making this for 1.10 as well?

Yes. Soon.

Where do I find out more?

There is much much more information at the Official Voxels forum page on the Minecraft Forums, including how to make your own Custom Trader, and modify in-game prices. Go there.



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