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Filename VoltzEngine-1.7.10-1.9.14b302.jar
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Uploaded Nov 2, 2017
Game Version 1.7.10
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  • ## 1.9.14 - 11/3/2017
    ### Runtime Changes
    Added: Improved help command page count (page # -> page # of #)
    Added: gems to materials tab (sorta a fix)
    Added: gem hand crafting recipes
    Added: Explosive bat (supports any explosive type, works same as ex creeper)
    Added: spawn egg for explosive bat and creeper (note not the same as vanilla, supports ICBM explosive types)
    Added: Waila support for MultiBlock tiles
    Fixed: NPE with delay event system
    Fixed: pick block for multiblock tiles
    Fixed: blocks droping on corner instead of center (only effected newer JSON blocks)
    Fixed: missing ore names for JSON blocks
    Fixed: unknown entry errors
    Fixed: ore names loading on wrong phase
    Fixed: BlockTile not dropping inventory
    Fixed: Blocks using old Tile system not dropping correctly (effected Armory and ICBM-Classic)
    Fixed: Projectiles colliding with riders (Fixes ICBM & ICBM-Classic missile riding)
    Fixed: Minor issues iterative over player inventory
    Implemented: EMP inventory handling (unfinished)
    Changed: EMP multiplier from 10 to 1
    Changed: Ore textures out for improved versions by Morton00000
    Updated: ore names for flint and gunpowder, converted to JSON system


    ### Development Changes
    Added: non-VE tile scanning to map tile entities (will eventually be phased out)
    Added: Horizontal version of render with repeat 2D
    Added: AT for accessing player food stats
    Added: AT for accessing AI data
    Added: Support for several data fields in JSON for loops
    Added: Color support for JSON rendering
    Added: Improved support for simple tools in recipes
    Added: JSON support for block harvest tool and level
    Added: Redstone checks for TileNodeHost - allows entity versions to override world checks
    Fixed: JSON for loop not handling arrays correctly
    Fixed: Sphere get entity method not working
    Fixed: Sphere using an int for radius (now uses double)
    Fixed: BlockPos not using IPos3D for distance checks
    Updated: json processors to use for loops (excludes item and block)
    Updated: EnergyBuffer to have an abstract version without 'final int maxBuffer' field (designed for extending to make custom buffers)

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