Void Tanks

This mod adds multiple tanks with different tiers holding different amounts.


There are 4 tiers of tanks: Small, Medium, Large and Huge which can hold 4, 16, 64, 256 buckets respectively.

Void Upgrade allows you to change the tank to a Void Tank by right clicking with it, making it delete any excess fluid of the same type that enter it.

Right Clicking while sneaking will allow you to remove the Void Upgrade and drop it.

The tank DOES NOT retain fluids when broken, so don't break them :P


The crafting of tanks is straight forward. Just some iron bars, a glass pane and the end cap items like the recipe shown below.

The end caps can be Stone, Iron Blocks, Gold Blocks and Diamond Blocks for the Small, Medium, Large and Huge tanks respectively


The Void Upgrade is also easy to craft.


Any issues please report to the github issues page found in the tabs at the top of the page! Issues reported on CF comments will be ignored!