Voice Chat Interaction

39,720 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 7, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.3   +2

This server side Fabric mod allows Simple Voice Chat to interact with your Minecraft world.



  • A custom, configurable vibration frequency for voice
  • Talking in voice chat activates sculk sensors
  • Talking in voice chat is detected by the warden
  • Optional support for whisper and group chat vibrations
  • Talking while sneaking doesn't trigger vibrations (Configurable)
  • Configurable volume threshold

Config Values


Name Default Value Description
group_interaction false If talking in groups should trigger vibrations
whisper_interaction false If whispering should trigger vibrations
sneak_interaction false If talking while sneaking should trigger vibrations
voice_sculk_frequency 7 The frequency of the voice vibration
minimum_activation_threshold -50 The audio level threshold to activate the sculk sensor in dB