89 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 15, 2019 Game Version: 1.15

This mod requires the Fabric mod loader.


VMulti allows you to use tags to define what blocks can be used for beacons, conduits, and enchanting tables. Each has their own block tag (beacons at vmulti:beacon_bases, conduits at vmulti:conduit_activators, and enchanting tables at vmulti:enchantment_boosters). The items used to activate beacons are also configurable, using the vmulti:beacon_activators item tag.


This mod is also a library for developers. Since devs may want to have special behavior based on what blocks are in each multiblock, the library adds a ComponentCollector interface which is implemented on each the beacon, conduit, and enchanting table block entities. Enchanting tables will also check if any blocks in the enchantment_boosters tag implement the EnchantmentBooster interface, which can be used to modify how much enchantment boost a block gives.


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