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51 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 11, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is a Mod in a Beta/Testing State.


This Mod is Server-Only, it will have no effect on anything other than dedicated Servers.

The Mod is intended for Public Servers with a Premium or Vip functionality.

It fetches lists from either the local file system or a remote location which follow the vanilla whitelist.json format.

Each list can be assigned a specific Priority and Importance. Lists with higher Importance determine the Players Priority.

List1 has Priority of 20 and Importance of 10
List2 has Priority of 10 and Importance of 15
List3 has Priority of 25 and Importance of 15

Player1 is part of List1 and List2
Importance of List2 is higher than List1
Player1 has Priority of 10 (List2)

Player2 is part of List 2 and List3
Importance of List2 is equal to List3
Priority of List2 is lower than List3
Player2 has Priority of 25 (List3)


If the Server reaches it's limit, the person with the lowest Priority and longest connection time will be kicked in favor of the person with the higher priority.


The Mod can also act as a Whitelist by allowing only players listed in any priority list to join the server.


Usage examples would be a combined Subscriber + Follower Server. Where Subscribers have a higher Priority than followers.


If you encounter any issues, please let me know either by commenting here, writing an E-Mail to or Twitter me @WatschmanLP



  • /viplist list -> Shows all currently recognized lists with their corresponding id.
  • /viplist remove [id:required] -> Removes a list based on id from the config. Requires reload to take effect.
  • /viplist add [File-Url:required] [remote:optional|default:false] [priority:optional|default:guestPriority] [importance:optional|default:10] -> Adds a new list to the config based on the input parameters. Requires reload to take effect.
  • /viplist reload -> Reloads all lists and writes changes to disk.
  • /viplist whitelist [status:optional] -> Shows the current status of the Whitelist functionality.
  • /viplist whitelist toggle -> Enables/Disables the Whitelist functionality.
  • /viplist whitelist on -> Enables the Whitelist functionality.
  • /viplist whitelist off -> Disables the Whitelist functionality.



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