Kick The Troller

158 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 18, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This Mod was created out of a one-off silly idea among friends to let people decide who to kick on a server, maybe as a prank or to teach them a lesson for trolling or annoying others.

There are a bunch of options in the config for Server Owners to configure different Values e.g. exclude specific Players from the Command or set a maximum amount of time a user may be kicked.
Everything which can be configured is explained with Comments in the Config file.

Right now every Message is hardcoded in English. If, for some reason, there is interest for this Mod, I can add localization support for all the different messages.Just leave a comment in the comments section if you are interested in it.


I do not want to promote bullying, therefore I do not recommend adding this Mod to a Modpack or public server without strict restrictions.


This Mod is Server-Side only, it will have no effect when added to a client installation.


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