Villagers And Monsters Mod

4,395 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 21, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.4

Are you looking for an adventure mod, here you found it!

Great texture revolution. In update 3.5, almost all models and textures were refreshed, please watch this video: 

And Pig World Revolution in update 4.1: 

Mod has 3 new portals - the world of magicians and the pig end, if you prefer the world of gold and ancient portal . An ancient portal, i.e literally antique, there will be mythological creatures or gods, e.g Zeus. The advantage of my modification are heavier bosses and some monsters. I had enough of killing Ender Dragon in iron, gold or diamond armor without a spell. Here, to kill Margrung, you must sweat to get wards, spell potions and the strongest armor. This is my first mod, so it can have many bugs. I hope that the fight with bosses is not monotonous, but interesting. Mod is  really difficult at times.


In the modification there are 80+ creatures and monsters, 40+ structures, 3 portals, there may be 4, 10+ new ores in the future. Each boss is original, so the fight with each boss looks different.

On the mushroom biome you will find a monster that cannot be killed in a standard battle. this is Hairy Troll. To kill him, you can use an Iron Golem, TNT, potions or a wand

 Discord :


Wizard World:




If I were to assess the difficulty of bosses, I would say that there are only two bosses as strong as ender dragon.

Anti Heroes

Anti Heroes are bosses that respawn randomly on a given biome in the world. Their task is to kill an unprepared olayer for battle. I plan to add orbs from them, but I have no idea what could be done with

A few sample bosses, monsters and animals:
Earth Elemental:

Earth Elemental:

Health: 200

Dgm: 75

Armor: 22

Other: Sometimes he gets a bust of strength on impact and spawns swamp pigs



Fire Elemental:

Fire Elemental:

Health: 100

Dmg: 60

Armor: 50

Other: It lights the player and occasionally shoots him with fireballs

Boss dificulty level:




New Monsters:

How make a portal?

Animals :

You can use your mod for modpacks
I know that a mod can have many bugs, but keep in mind that this mod is made by two persons
A lot of bosses (4.1):
Cloud 140:
Version 4.0 1.16.4:



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