Villagers And Monsters Mod Legacy

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 You are looking for an adventure ... You just found it"

Welcome to Villagers And Monsters Legacy!

This is a continuation of my old Villagers And Monsters mod .It is a modification that diversifies minecraft with a typical and higher difficulty level. I am creating this mod because in my opinion there are few mods that care about gameplay after killing a wither. I create a modification full of adventures and new interesting bosses and mobs. At the moment, the modification has 2 portals: Cave World and Pig End. I take care of the vanilla style and balance.I plan to add a minimum of 200 vanilla mobs.


Cave World zostanie zaktualizowany 2.9 


Portal available for update 2.9. The information is included in the video



Bosses, as the name suggests, are stronger monsters. There will be many more in the future. The easiest opponents at the moment are bosses from the normal world and nether. The toughest bosses are the Pig End monsters.



Pig End,

It is a world of pigs associated with the sky and the end. There are golden gardens of Midas (the boss will be added soon) and Bubble Biome.

How make portal?

To create it, you need Pig End Portal Ingiter + Carved Block

The strength of monsters (mobs no bosses)

8-36 DMG

How to make items to create a portal?

1.Fragile Block naturally reborn in the cave world
2. Mining pearl - You must kill Ghost Miner

3. Hydra Leather - You must kill cave hydra or trade with Yak ( Silver Bar) (trade like piglin) They are spawn in Cave World

The portal is in beta.

 Ancient World

The Ancient World has been added in Update 3.0. The first mythology I added is Egyptian Mythology!

To get there you need a cloud block (which is in Pig End) and Ancient Coin (which is dropped by Midas)

The Ancient World is the toughest mod dimension!

At the moment, there are 4 Gods and several desert creatures in this world.





* Horus


 Insect World

It is a world inhabited by a variety of insects with cool animations!

This is the easiest mod portal (but be vigilant as this mod is difficult!)

You need Dark Pearl + Polished Diorite to get there

This portal replaces Cave World as of Update 3.0

New ores!




New mobs



 Update 3.5!






Lots of Make by Krapsy mobs

Subtitle thumbnail made by V1CeNtExD

The zombie textures were based on the Tissou zombie pack to make the zombies look very good. Thank you Tissou

Several mobs were created by Yoler_Toons

Thank you all!


You can use this mod in modpacks!

 If you want to support me, subscribe to my Samran channel

The mod is created up to version 10.0

Thanks for read!






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