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Villagers Respawn (Now with FORGE and FABRIC versions)

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It was just a matter of time... Now that Villagers have beds, those with beds have begun to respawn next to their beds when they die.

Default Configuration 

Villagers Respawn has reasonable basic default options.  Single players may install this mod without needing to make any changes.

By default

Villagers will always respawn at their bed in Easy Mode (and almost always respawn in normal and in hard mode)

Villagers will respawn at full normal health (20hp).

Villagers lose some experience when they die (but never a level).

In Hard Mode only, villagers killed by zombies turn into zombies instead of respawning at their bed.

Debugging messages are off (no log spam).

Configuration Options

Villagers Respawn offers several configuration options for mod pack writers and server operators to tune the mod to their desired level of difficulty.

You can control if villagers respawning is a lucky miracle (15%-20%) , an erratic ability (25%-75%) or 100% reliable even in hard mode.

You can control whether villagers can't respawn when they become undead in hard mode.  (Warning- Iron Golems are not their friends!)

You can also control whether villagers are weakened by death or become stronger because of it.

And you can control whether villagers lose a little xp (but never a whole level) from dying.

I *am* open to suggestions for other configuration options tho getting a 1.15 version out is top priority.


Q: Where is the configuration file?

A: As of 1.14.4 and later, Forge now saves configuration files in the folder : "YourMinecraftFolder/saves/YourWorldName/serverconfigurations".

A: You can find this by going to the Resource Pack, press the button to opening the resource pack folder, then go up one level, and then down into the saves folder. 

Q: How do I save one configuration for all new worlds?

A: Save a copy of your desired configuration in the "defaultconfigs" folder.

Forge Configuration File 

["Villager Respawn Control Values"]

#Respawn Health

#Range: 1 ~ 25

respawnHealth = 20

#Respawn Percentage (Normal Difficulty lowers Respawn % by 5%.  Hard Difficultylowers Respawn % by 10%.)

#Range: 1 ~ 110     (Yes this is 1% to 110%)

respawnPercentage = 104  (so 99% for normal, 94% for hard.)

#Respawn XpLoss (True: Villagers loses Xp to the start of the level.  False: Villager does not lose Xp.)

respawnXpLoss = true 

#Zombie Deaths In Hard Mode  (In Hard Mode Only, Villagers become zombies when slain by zombies but respawn from other deaths).

hardModeZombieDeaths = true

#Debug Level: 0 = Off, 1 = Log, 2 = Chat+Log

#Range: 0 ~ 2

debugLevel = 0

Fabric Configuration File : villagersrespawnconfig.properties

key.debugLevel=0 #int | default: 0
key.respawnHealth=20 #int | default: 20
key.respawnXpLoss=true #String | default: true
key.respawnPercentage=104 #int | default: 104  (so 99% for normal, 94% for hard.)
key.hardModeZombieDeaths=true #String | default: true

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