VillagerQuests adds (since v.1.1.0) the option to add quests by FTBQuests to villagers.

The player can only start and complete these quests when accepted and completed at the specific villager.


How it works:

To set a quest as a villager quest, click on the left top villager head and set a merchant uuid there.

While looking at a merchant, right click the villager head to set the merchants uuid.



It also adds a new task type called Villager Talk, where the task is, as the name suggests, talking to a specific villager.




For creators there is also an op screen (only accessible when in creative mode by shift+right click)




This mod is developed for Fabric.

There are no plans to develop a Forge version. 


Modpack Permission:

Feel free to use it in any modpacks


Bug Report:

Just report bugs at the github page