Villager Market

Just place this block inside a village and it will give you access to all the trades for the villagers within range.


If the block is within the range of a village it will automatically detect that and show a list of all the villagers in said village. (ie. all EntityVillager within {village radius} blocks from {village center position})


If not, it will show all villagers in a 16 blocks radius around the block.


Show simple GUI information:


Villager Market UI


L - list of villager types found in the village

A - number of times the recipe can be used with the current inventory

B - maximum number of times the villager allows you to use this recipe

C - click to use the recipe once

D - click to use the recipe the maximum amount of times

E - toggle showing all recipes or only the ones that can be used at least once


Show recipe:


Villager Market Recipe


If you feel the need to talk dirty to the developer:

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