Powered Thingies

196,642 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 29, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Tesla Core Lib 

Just Enough Items - JEI

Forgelin - Kotlin adapter (for 1.12+ versions)

Tesla - Power API (prior to 1.0.6)


Recommended companion mods:

Bush Master Core


Included Machines:

Animal Farming:

  • Animal Farm - breeds, shears, milks animals... also can package animals for transport (based on filters)
  • Animal Releaser - can release packaged animals into the wild
  • Electric Butcher - can kill animals
  • Sewer - collects sewage from animals

Plants Farming:

  • Crop Farm - it can hoe land and can plant, harvest, fertilize crops
  • Crop Cloner - it can grow a plant inside itself... pretty OP machine atm.
  • Tree Farm - it can plant and cut down trees

Power Generators:

  • Animal Gym - can take a packaged animal and exploit it for electrical power... sometimes the animal survives
  • Incinerator - generates power from solid items
  • Fluid Burner - generates power from liquid sources

Ore Processing: 

Currently you can achieve 4x ore processing within this mod. The way to do that is: collect tesla plant seeds => liquefy them into molten tesla => combine that with ore to get 2 X Teslified Ore Lumps => grind those into 2 X Ore Powder => smelt those into 4 X ingots.

  • Item Liquefier - liquefies items into fluids
  • Item Compound Producer - produces items from fluids and items
  • Powder Maker - grinds items into smaller pieces
  • Powered Kiln - yet another furnace machine, just like any other

Misc Machines:

  • Fluid Solidifier - combines and solidifies fluids. currently it can only make cobble, stone or obsidian from water + lava
  • Liquid XP Storage - liquid xp is a fluid added by this mod that can be collected by some of the animal farm machines... this is just a storage unit for it.


If you feel the need to talk dirty to the developer:

MMD Cat Mods - Discord <-- use this or github issues instead of curse comments