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Fabric mod to connect to EVERY minecraft server version (Release, Beta, Alpha, Classic, Snapshots, Bedrock) with QoL fixes to the gameplay

Why another protocol translator?

ViaFabricPlus is a deep integration of ViaVersion on the Fabric platform, it implements many changes that can't be fixed on protocol level (old animations, old movement/swimming, collisions and general rendering changes). At the time of writing, VFP is the only protocol translation platform for the client with which you can play on all Minecraft multiplayer versions with many QoL features and get the feel of the old versions.

Supported Server versions

  • Release (1.0.0 - 1.20.5)
  • Beta (b1.0 - b1.8.1)
  • Alpha (a1.0.15 - a1.2.6)
  • Classic (c0.0.15 - c0.30 including CPE)
  • April Fools (3D Shareware, 20w14infinite)
  • Combat Snapshots (Combat Test 8c)
  • Bedrock Edition 1.20.70 (In development)

For players

  • Tutorial for installing and using the mod can be found here
  • If you encounter any issues, please report them on the issue tracker or on the ViaVersion Discord

For contributors/volunteers

  • Guidelines for contributions can be found here
  • The current TODO list can be found here


  • API and integration examples can be found here
  • An overview of the different Via* projects can be found here

If you just want to talk or need help with ViaFabricPlus feel free to join my Discord.


It cannot be guaranteed that this mod is allowed on specific servers as it can possibly cause problems with anti-cheat plugins.