Vanilla Degus

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The degu, a so-called “singing rat” of the Andes!!


This mod gives us a wonderful opportunity to meet cute degus (that a little too big for degu though).
Degus will blends naturally with other vanilla animals.
Not making major changes is the Vanilla Degus aesthetic.



Degus live in high altitudes and dry areas.

They can spawn naturally in the following biomes.

  • Desert
  • Savanna
  • Badlands
  • Meadow
  • Stony Peaks



Degus sometimes eat and destroy wild grass and dead bush on their own.

They are interested in rabbits and cows and avoid wild wolves, wild cats, etc.

They avoid fighting.


Taming, feeding and breeding

A degu can be tamed by feeding it grass or dead bush.

Once tamed, it receives a red collar like wolf and cat. (In reality, degu doesn't wear a collar, though.)

Their staple foods are grass and dead bush.

They can eat other some plants, but grass and dead bush are best suited for them!

Tamed degus at full health can be bred with their staple foods.




UPDATES 1.5.0 


1) Degus can get fat

- They can eat many foods such as vegetables, seeds, grains and even cakes, but sweet stuff make them obese.
- They are now regularly hungry even at max health.

White fat degu


2) They can feel happiness

- Degus get happiness when their owner spends a lot of time with them or feed them constantly.
- If their owner attacks them, their happiness will drop.

- If Degus are happy enough, they will grant "Degu's Grace" effect to their owner when they are fed grass, tall grass or dead bush by their owner.
- This effect gives players the ability to eat grass, tall grass, and dead bush by using or breaking it like them.





UPDATES 1.4.0 


Added new colors: black & white.

These colors spawn at a low rate in following biomes.

- Black: Savanna, Badlands, Meadow

- White: Desert, Badlands, Meadow

black & white







Added dancing animation when jukebox is playing!




UPDATES 1.1.0 


Added new colors: blue, sand and agoutipied.

New degu colors






We would be very grateful if you could donate to improve our development motivation!




Feel free to add this mod to your modpack as long as you link to this page from curseforge properly.

 # Do not redistribute this mod outside of curseforge!



          ∩         ∩                        ∩         ∩                                                                             ;'  ,;''
         _             _                     ー         ー                       ∩         ∩            __   _ ,,           'ⅱ'

   (                         )           (                         )               _             _    /                       \    'ⅱ
                ω                                   ω                                                                                \ 'ⅱ
       |    U     U    |                   |   ⊃🌿⊂    |             (                          )                  ,,              |ⅱ
    /                       \              /                      \                        ω                          (                ∥'
  ⊂          _         ⊃          ⊂          _         ⊃             ⊂       ⊂         ‘·~`"  "’‘    ⊂    __  /