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Vanilla Crafts & Expansion [Abandoned]

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Vanilla Crafts & Expansion Minecraft Forge Mod by MRH0


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- AND Gate (Input: sides)
- OR Gate (Input: sides)
- XOR Gate (Input: sides)
- NOT/Inverter (Input: back)
- D-Latch (Input: sides, back)
- Hex Display (Input: all)
- Constant (right-click / sneak right-click to change output)
- Liquid/Rain sensor (detects weather/fluid blocks on top)
- Entity Detector (counts entities 1x1x1 block in front and outputs the entity count as a Redstone signal)
- Health Sensor (outputs entity health:16 if full health, 1 if near dead)
- Programmable Gate (3 inputs, 1 output, Simple interpreted language:


Panels & Pillars (Removed in 2020625a and later, Has been superseded by
- Panels (Vertical slabs) are crafted in the crafting table or stonecutter.
- Pillars are crafted in the stonecutter.


- Coal => Coal Dust
- Wheat => 2x Flour
- Gravel => Flint
- Lapiz/Coal Ore => 3x Lapiz/Coal
- Bone => 4x Bone Meal
- Blaze rod => 4x Blaze Powder
- Grass => Dirt
- Stone => Cobblestone
- Stone Bricks => Cracked Stone Bricks


Brick Furnace:
- Iron Ingot + Coal Dust => Steel Ingot
- All other smelting recipes.
Large Pot:
- Right-click a Bucket of Milk on the pot and wait for 10min for it to turn into Cheese, right-click to empty.
- Right-click a Bucket of Water on the pot and wait for 10min in direct sunlight for it to turn into Salt, right-click to empty.


- Severing (LVL 1-3) Chance of head drops.
- Hindrance (LVL 1-3) Chance of slowness on target.


- Bezoar poison immunity.
World Generation:
- Sulfur Ore spawns in the Nether used to make gunpowder.
- Rare Diamond Ore spawns in Overworld used in crafting.


- Steel Armor.
- Heavy Chestplate is tougher than diamond but you can't run while wearing it.
- Shulker Helmet.


- Steel Shield.
- Shulker Shield.


Vanilla Recipes Changed:
- Bread (5 flour, 1 salt).
- Repeater & Comparator (made using Redstone wafer).
- Flower Pot (Smelt a raw Flower Pot).
- Shield (5 Iron Ingots, 2 Wood Planks).


Misc Items:
- Leapfeather; take a leap! (hold right-click to charge).
- Waypoint Compass; points to any set location. (shift + right-click to set coordinates).
- Return Capsule; return to any location. (hold right-click to charge, the item is dropped when used).
- Pocket Enderchest; access your ender chest from anywhere. (shift + right-click to open).
- Manure; is dropped randomly by Cows, used the same way as Bonemeal.
- Cross Rail; rail X crossing.

And More!