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Vampire's Delight


đź“– About:

Vampire's Delight is an addon for Farmer's Delight and Vampirism with the aim of nourishing vampires as well as humans.


📦 Beta Version

This mod is under development, that's why it may be unstable sometimes. Report any issues to github, it can be found in Source.


🔨 Dependencies

Requires Farmer's Delight and Vampirism 1.10+


🍒 Special thanks to:

- Cheaterpaul (Code)

- Lunofe (Zin) (Code/Balance)

- Fluffy_Nuar (Design ideas)


đź“• Translators:

- ru_Ru - DimensionPainter


🛎️ Credits

- Vectorwing (Farmer's Delight)

- Cheaterpaul (Vampirism)

- Maxanier (Vampirism)