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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


This is a continuation / Forge fork of the old V10verlap for Bukkit and as such a server-only mod that doesn't need to be installed client-side (but ofc. works on single-player, too).


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This mod allows players and entities to jump or climb from one dimension to another. This works by teleporting the entity to the new dimension on the same X and Z axes when it passes a certain Y axis. The Y axis on the other side will be modified from the old dimensions minY to the new dimensions maxY (both settable in the config) when falling or from the old maxY to the new minY when climbing. Mobs and other entities also get teleported when passing the limits.

There are also options to place a temorary block below the player climbing up (default: 30 seconds) or to prevent the fall damage from a player jumping from one dimension to another (default: true).


To link two worlds execute:
/v10verlap link <upperDimension> <lowerDimension> <maxHeight> <minHeight>


To unlink:
/v10verlap unlink <dimension 1> <dimension 2>


To set the time a temporary blocks spawn do:
/v10verlap placeTmpBlocks <timeInSeconds>
Temporary blocks will be disabled if you pass 0 as time.


To enable/disable cancelling of fall damage when falling from one world to another do:
/v10verlap noFallDamage <true|false>


To enable/disable overlapping relative to spawn points do:
/v10verlap relativeToSpawn <true|false>


To set a custom scale (normal is 1.0 but you might want 8.0 for the nether, for example) do:
/v10verlap scale <dimension> <scale>


To toggle handling of players only do:
/v10verlap playerOnly <true|false>


The permission "de.v10lator.v10verlap.command" (defaulting to OP and CLI) is needed to execute the /v10verlap command.


The configuration is created after first use and should be self-explaining. If not:

-1 {
0 {
1 {

This example config would link 3 worlds together like this:



For the general section of the config have a look at the commands.


V10verlap has an easy to use API for other developers to use. Examples and docs will follow.


Question: Why are the commands so long?
Answer: They resemble the config file. Anyway, there are shorter but undocumented commands: Use /v10verlap pcb instead of /v10verlap placeClimbBlocks or skip telling the world at the scale command, for example.


Question: Why is it that since v3.0 my on-disk config doesn't change when I change it through the /v10verlap command?
Answer: That's to not write on every little command (which is bad for SSDs, for examle) but all 5 minutes or on server stop (whatever comes first and only when really needed). If you're a coder and want to know more about that have a look at https://github.com/V10lator/V10verlap/blob/master/src/main/java/de/v10lator/v10verlap/V10verlapSaveThread.java


Question: How to get through bedrock?
Answer: With a mod like VanillaTools.


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