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Uwu Mod


This clientside-only mod makes every sound into a sample of TehNut saying "uwu". Works with subtitles and probably works with all modded sounds.


It also replaces the vanilla narrator with one that only says uwu (technically "ooh wu" because the narrator isn't very good at pronouncing "uwu", it just makes a weird clicking noise)


As of 1.1, the entire language map is replaced with one that returns "uwu" for every translation attempt.


Configuration options are available to:


  • change the string the narrator says
  • multiply the pitch of the uwu sample
  • enable or disable uwu language
  • enable a stupid bug with minecart samples that I later fixed but added a config to go back to the old broken way, because it's really funny


Why would you install this mod? I don't know, that's a very good question.




Interested users may enjoy TehNut: The Mod as well.


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