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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Wish you could make huge wheat fields easily and fast? Or wide roads by just walking? Or maybe you have hard time finding spawners or slime chunks?
This mod can do that for you!

Introducing Useful Tools: Early game items for your building and farming needs.


This mod contains tools that help with mentioned above and more.

Some of the newer tools added are only available for the 1.15.2 minecraft version. (I might add these later for 1.12.2 minecraft version of the mod, if there's demand for it.)
Running out of wood? - Chopping Axe makes chopping trees a breeze.
Need to wack those weeds of your lawn? - Grass Scythe slices your way ahead. (only in 1.15.2)
Want to make huge farmlands? - Dirt Tiller and Super Tiller are your answer.
Planting crops takes time? - No worry Crop Planter is here.
Need to grow crops fast? - Watering Can on the go! (only in 1.15.2)
No time to harvest them one by one? - Harvesting Sickle is the key. (only in 1.15.2)
Need to get to places and mark route with pathways? - Path Maker and Road Maker are your tools of trade.
Having hard time finding spawners underground? - Spawner Locator is your friend. (only in 1.15.2)
Don't know where the slime-chunks are? - Slime Locator helps you very much. (only in 1.15.2)

Mining 3x3 wide tunnels takes time? - Not anymore, try out Sledgehammers. Enchantments make them even faster! (only in 1.15.2)



Make huge wheat fields and long road easily and fast.


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If you find any bugs, have issues or ideas for the mod, feel free to contact me.


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How to obtain in game (minecraft 1.15.2):

Recipes can be found in recipe book after obtaining an iron ingot.





# Changelog for Useful Tools by Crare1
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# [0.2.2 - 1.15.2] - 2020-03-28
## Added
### Items
- Sledgehammers: Pickaxe like tool, that mines 3x3 area around hitted block.
These do support enchantments like fortune, silk touch and efficiency.
- Stone Sledgehammer: minor durability, slow mining speed.
- Iron Sledgehammer: good durability and average mining speed.
- Gold Sledgehammer: bad durability, fastest mining speed.
- Diamond Sledgehammer: best durability and fast mining speed.


# [0.2.1 - 1.15.2] - 2020-03-19
## Added
### Items
- Slime Locator: tells the player if the current chunk is slime-chunk. 16 uses per item.
- Spawner Locator: tells the player if there is a spawner in nearby 3x3 chunk area. 32 uses per item.
- Grass Scythe: slices through grass, doesn't hurt flowers.
- Watering Can: fastens crop growth in 3x3 area around player.
### Other
- Sounds to tools on successful use.
- Particles to some of the tools.
- UpdateJson link for fetching info about latest version.


# [0.2.0 - 1.15.2] - 2020-03-12
Remade the mod for Minecraft 1.15.2. Tested on Forge 31.1.0.
## Changes
### Renamings
- Log Chopper renamed to Chopping Axe. More describing and easier to find for example in JEI.
- Crop Harvester renamed to Harvesting Sickle.
### Changes to items
- Chopping Axe optimized to now cut logs from the hitted block to horizontally outwards and up.
- Better tools durabilities increased.
### Textures
- Item textures rotated 90 degrees. Looks better and is more similar normal minecraft.
### Recipes
- Items changed to use Forge OreDictionary tags for iron ingots, blocks, wood sticks and crop items.
- Changed Chopping Axe recipe to similar to axe, instead of iron ingots, it's 3 iron blocks.
- Road maker recipe changed to use 1 stick, 1 Path Maker and 3 iron blocks.
- Super Tiller recipe changed to 1 stick, 1 Dirt Tiller and 2 iron blocks.
- Planter recipe added optional plant to recipe: beetroot seeds and removed saplings, pumpkins, melons and reeds from the recipe.


# [0.1.2 - 1.12.2] - 2018-07-21
## Added
- Log Chopper.
## Changes
- Renamed Harvester Tool to Crop Harvester.
- Renamed Planting Tool to Crop Planter.
- Renamed Path Tool to Path Maker.
- Renamed Extended Path Tool to Road Maker.
- Renamed Tilling Tool to Dirt Tiller.
- Renamed Extended Tilling Tool to Super Tiller.


# [0.1.1 - 1.12.2] - 2018-07-12
## Added
- Harvester Tool.
## Changes
- Reduced durability of extended tools, planter and harvester from 1000 to 500.


# [0.1.0 - 1.12.2] - 2018-07-08
First Release.
## Added
- Path tool
- Extended Path Tool
- Tilling Tool
- Extended Tilling Tool
- Planter tool.



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