Useful Saves

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Scheduler backing up to never lose anything !

Useful Saves, a simple, commands only, mod to create scheduled backup of your world or extras files

Not mandatory on the client, it could be only installed on the server !




  • Scheduled saves
  • Instant backup
  • Delete backup
  • Cleaning backup folder
  • Crontab helper command






Useful Saves’s command prefix are always /useful-saves


- Deletions commands


/useful-saves clear-backups-folder
Clear save files from backup folder


/useful-saves delete
Delete a specified save file from backup folder


/useful-saves confirm [yes/no]
Confirm previous deletion


- Scheduling commands


/useful-saves schedule stop/pause/resume
To stoppause or resume the current running task


/useful-saves schedule cron [<expression>]
To schedule backup task, based on crontab expression


Optional parameters


/useful-saves schedule cron [<expression>] [<TimeZone>]
To schedule backup task, based on crontab expressionbut by defining a time zone if the server clock/locale differ from user contry


/useful-saves schedule cron [<expression>] [flush]
flush backup file. (force writting data)


- Utilitary commands


/useful-saves schedule restart
Restart the scheduler system in case of any crash or shutdown


/useful-saves save-now
Launch an instant backup


/useful-saves info
Informations of the actual state of the scheduler


- Config commands


/useful-saves config backupFolder
Define a folder to store saves


/useful-saves config deleteOldOnMaximumReach
Delete oldest save if maximum backups reached


/useful-saves config enableTaskOnServerStart
Starting scheduled task on server start


/useful-saves config maximum-backups
Set the number of backups the server keeps


/useful-saves config printChatMessage
Display or not infos to all players


/useful-saves config saveIfServerEmpty
Enable saves if server has no players connected


/useful-saves config timeZone
Define a time zone if the server clock/locale differ from user contry


Crontab Helper command


Useful Saves are packaged with an human interpreter for cron expression
Thanks to


/cron [<expression>]
Get a human readable version of the cron expression


/cron [<expression>] [<locale>]
Get a human readable version of the cron expression, but in user language


Example: /cron "*** * * ? * ***" fr-FR
Output: Toutes les secondes

Resources packs or Mods packs maker ?


If you don't want Useful Save installed on the client, but only on the server it's possible !

But bring translations files for printted messages in tchat !

Download the translations pack of "Useful Save" !


Useful links


If you are not familiar with crontab let’s check Cron Expression Generator for Quartz !


Technologies used



Modpacks permission


Originally designed to never lose anything on huge modpacks servers !

Yeah, include it in modpacks if you want !


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