Ama's Damage Indicator

51,738 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 24, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Ama's Damage Indicator v0.0.9


This mod is to show you damages taken or given by an Entity by a numeric particle, and H.U.D informations (entity name, armor, health, effects)



(NEW !) Potions effect informations !



Version Information

Since 0.0.9 work with Forge 1.15.1-30.0.51 / 1.15.2-31.0.1

Since 0.0.5 work with Forge 1.14.4-28.1.0

Since 0.0.4 only work with Forge 1.14.4-28.0.20

Since 0.0.3 only work with Forge 1.14.3 & 1.14.4 /!\ Config file changed ! Backup it !

Since 0.0.1 work with Forge 1.13.2 - 25.0.192



The entire mod is customisable, like HUD position, show entity stats/name on HUD...

Everything is inside the config file.




0.0.9 Updated mod to Minecraft 1.15.1/2 !


0.0.8 Bye Bye Buggy Bug and Customisation Update !

+ Fixed error when sending packet to everybody when entity being healed on attacked. (

      at ~[?:0.0.7] {re:classloading}
      at fr.zeamateis.damage_indicator.common.event.CommonEventHandler.onLivingHeal( ~[?:0.0.7] {re:classloading}

+ Changing H.U.D render for minimalist newest options
+ Added more options in configuration file


0.0.7 Particles Improvement and Open Source Update !

+ Disclosed source code.

      I hope you could improve the mod by any suggestions !

+ Added check to spawn particles between player and entity, calculated by distance

- Removed damage/heal particles on player. Due to a first person particles renderer.


0.0.6: Little Biggy Bug Update !

+ Update mod for a Client AND Server side (1.14.4-28.1.0

(Yes you can install the mod in server, an bring players with this mod installed to see damage and healing particles, and see potions informations.)


   Major BugFix:

     + Crash Fixed:               

                   "java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking player
                                   at fr.zeamateis.damage_indicator.client.event.ClientEventHandler.onEntityHasPotionRemoved( ~[?:0.0.5] {}"


0.0.5: Forge Stable Release Update !

+ Update mod to use it with the lastest forge stable release. (1.14.4-28.1.0

   Major BugFix:

     + Fixed "Error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.entity.LivingEntity.getEntityData()Lnet/minecraft/nbt/CompoundNBT;"


0.0.4: Bugfixes update !

   + Added green particle for healing

   + Fix crash on Hit Non-Living Entities (Item Frame, Boat, Minecart, etc)

   + Lighted mod code !


   - New bug, Potions Effects Infos does not update in real time in multiplayer (deco-reco needed)



   ~ Rendering bugfixes on night time when look an entity

   + Multiplayers support for damage particles

   + Potions Effects informations



   + Added customisations with config file.





Modpack Usage

Don't ask, go for it !


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