Useful Resources


We add many new resources to the game!

Ores, ingots, nuggets, dusts, gears, rods, plates, ...


This mod require uteamcore!


An overview of the blocks and items that are currently added. We will expand this soon!


Currently there are 5 Resources: Copper, Tin, Aluminum, Silver and Lead


This mod adds a configurable world generation for every ore in the overworld and the nether!

We add our resources to the tag system and use the forge tags so if a mod use these tags too, the resources can be used in this mod!

We add some basic crafting recipes for the resources. Some can't be crafted! They are expected to be implemented by other mods!



This mod can be packed in every modpack you want :)

Sourcecode is linked above and is available under Apache License 2.0.

Issues goes to the Issuetracker linked above.