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This mod adds some hopefully useful Items to the game. Currently there are only crafting cores. I am working on more features.


More Info and Recipes:





These are the different Crafting Cores: (The easiest way to get the recipes is with JEI)


1. Basic Color Core

This core is used to craft almost any Dye in the Game. Exceptions are: Lapis Lazuli, Cyan Dye, Light Gray Dye,  Lime Dye,  Light Blue Dye and Bone meal

You can get them with the next Crafting Core. When crafted you get 6 Cores. When crafting dye you get 6.


2. Advanced Color Core

This core is used to craft the rest of the dyes. It is made with 9 Basic Color Cores and gives you 2 Advanced Cores. When crafting, the output is 6 dyes. 

This core exists for the more rare materials in dye like Bone meal and Lapis Lazuli


3. Nature Core

This core is used to get different types of saplings and leaves. It is crafted with normal Seeds, Oak Sapling and Oak Leaves.


4. Mob Core

This core is used to get basic mob drops. It is made with 3 Meat and 3 Mob drops from the mob the meat came from. 


5. Advanced Mob Core

This core is made with 7 normal mob cores and 2 Diamonds. You get 4 Advanced Mob Cores. With them you can craft mob drops from hostile mobs




Ok, This is currently everything that is in the mod. Feel free to leave suggestions.