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Potion Bears

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NOTE: In every version below 1.3, multiplayer might be broken




This mod adds 16 Bears that each give a different Potion effect.

The bears can be crafted as shown in the image below:

The white wool can be replaced by all the other types of wool


When the bear is placed or first activated it will face towards you. Sneak + Right Click to turn it towards you again.


In order for it to do something you must first right click it with a diamond.

Only after you activate it with a diamond you can click it again to gain a potion effect.


You will know that the bear is activated, when it starts glowing and the eyes turn into a diamond color:


If you break the bear, you get the not activated bear back. You will then have to activate it with a diamond again.


Each bear has a different Potion Effect. Here is a list of what bear does what:

  • White -> Speed
  • Orange -> Fire Resistance
  • Magenta -> Health Boost
  • Light Blue -> Water Breathing
  • Yellow -> Glowing
  • Lime -> Instant Health
  • Pink -> Luck
  • Gray -> Invisibility
  • Light Gray -> Levitation
  • Cyan -> Regeneration
  • Purple -> Strength
  • Blue -> Jump Boost
  • Brown -> Haste
  • Green -> Hunger
  • Red -> Absorption
  • Black -> Wither
  • Glass -> Removes all potion effects on the player