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This is a Fabric mod that adds the clay urn to the game, a fragile container that is affected by gravity.

Inspired by old-school RPGs where you had urns/vases/pots around the map which you could break to get their contents, along with Minecraft Dungeons' emerald pots.




  • Container: holds up to one item stack. Right-click or use a hopper to store items;
  • Mysterious: there is no GUI. To discover what's inside, use either a hopper or brute force!
  • Affected by gravity: falls if there isn't a supporting block below (like sand);
  • Mobile: as long as it's falling, you may move it around with slime blocks, water elevators, etc.!
  • Fragile: if the urn falls from a height of three blocks or more, it will crack. If it's already cracked, then it will break — unless it lands on slime or hay;
  • Weaponizable: hurts entities on landing (like an anvil);
  • Craftable: with bricks;
  • Decorative.



Make sure you downlaod the  Fabric Loader and the Fabric API. Afterwards, just drop the mod into your mods folder.



Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

You're welcome to add this mod to any modpack you'd like.