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Unusual Fish Mod


Unusual Fish Mod

Unusual Fish Mod adds a plethora of fictional fish and other aquatic creatures to the game, as well as new gear, blocks, and foods!

The unusual fish from this mod can be found in many of the games aquatic biomes. Many of these fish will drop their item form when killed, which can be cooked into a fish fillet, or crafted into one of the culinary delicacies this mod adds. Alternatively, enchanting a fishing rod with the Unusual Catch enchantment will allow the unusual fish to be caught, among other items.

Craft a sea spine block to defend your underwater base, collect ripper teeth after they prey upon another fish, feed a sea pancake for a rare weather shell, or use the volt detector block to track nearby volt anglers for a redstone signal! 

For suggestions, bug reports and general chat about the mod, join the discord server below!

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