Untranslated Items


Displays item names in English(US), regardless of the current language setting. If the item has a translation in the current language, it will be shown at the same time.


What good is that?

You may want to change the language settings to your language to make reading the in-game instructions and GUI etc easier. However, not all mods are localized to your language, so if you want to search for an item in JEI etc you may have to search for the item twice, in your native language and in English. This is pretty annoying.

With this mod, regardless of the language setting, only the item names will be unified in English, making it easier to search in JEI etc. Of course, non-item text like the in-game manual and GUI etc will be displayed in your language, if the mod has translation.

This mod is effective when the language setting is not default "English(US)".  (The latest version can change the additional language to any language other than English.)



  • Only item names are shown in English regardless of the current language setting.
  • Localized item names are shown in 2nd line of the tooltips if the items have localized item names. (You can disable it in config.)



You can configure some options by the config file. (Some options are not exist in older version.)

  • replaceItemNames (default:true)

        If true, primary language is additional language (default is English).
        Item names are replaced with the additional language in any case.
        If false, primary language is your selected language.
        Additional language (default is English) is simply added to the second line of the tooltip.

  • additionalLanguage (default:en_us)

        Additional language for item names.

  • dispBothLanguagesOnTooltip (default:true)

        Item names will be displayed in both languages to the item tooltip.

  • dispBothLanguagesOnWaila (default:true)

        Item names will be displayed in both languages to the Waila's tooltip.



  • This is a client-side mod for now.
  • It may not work for mod items that have multilingual item names in their own way.



Feel free to use this mod in any modpacks.