This  (Fabric/Forge ) mod is serverside, so vanilla clients can connect!
All Fabric versions: FABRIC

All Forge Versions: FORGE

Still in Beta



What does this mod add?


So far the mod adds 8 structures:

Temple Dungeon:
A temple in the jungle with a large dungeon underneath.



Ocean Village:

A village on the ocean!


Piglin Outpost:

A small outpost in the Nether guarded by Piglins.


Trader Camp:

A camp of wandering traders in the forest.



Desert Grave:

A grave in the badlands



Grave Yard:

A grave yard with many Zombies and Skeletons



Evoker Tower:

A wizard tower



Pillager Base:

Sometimes abandoned 


But there are more to come!





In 1.18.2/1.19:

For 1.18.2 Download this datapack: https://github.com/Cristelknight999/Unstructured/releases/download/v.1.0/Unstructured_Config_Datapack.zip

and for 1.19 this one: https://github.com/Cristelknight999/Unstructured/releases/download/v.1.1/Unstructured_Config_Datapack_1.19.zip

Then open it and go to:

Edit the files for changing the spacing, seperation and salt.

or to
Then open the file for the structure you want to disable/add to new biomes.
If you want to add the structure to new biomes just add the biome to the existing ones.
If you want to disable the structure, just remove all Biomes.

Then add the edited datapack to a world or use the Global Datapack mod for automaticly adding the datapack to every world you open.


 In 1.18/1.18.1

Install Mod-Menu and Cloth-Config.
Then click on the "Mods" button ingame then on the "Unstructured" mod page an then in the left corner on the edit sign.
Edit the config. (Disable/enable doesn't work)


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